WARWICKSHIRE FLY FISHERS Membership Application Form.

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I am a member of the following angling Clubs/Associations:- ___________________

Have you ever been banned from or refused membership of any angling Club or Association?

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How many years fly fishing experience have you? ______ years.

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Where did you hear about Warwickshire Fly Fishers ? ___________________________

(If you were introduced by a member please give their name, they may be able to claim a discount on their subscription.)

If accepted for membership I agree to abide by the Rules of the Club.

I understand my details will be kept on a Computer Data Base for the sole use of Warwickshire Fly Fishers.

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For Junior applicants (Under sixteen years) countersignature of parent or guardian.

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Please Return This Form Complete with your cheque and a passport size photograph to: 

Tim Haddon, 114 Sapcote Road, Burbage, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 2AY

Or any Club Officer or Committee Member



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