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Shakespeare County Raceway 17-04-2016

A fabulous day at Long Marston for the drag race meeting at Shakespeare County Raceway.  Many thanks to Rob Staley of the Coventry Section VOC who was the driving force behind getting a good turnout of Vincent machines on show.  It was great to see a such a good selection of Vincent machinery being ridden into the circuit and also good to see that some of the machines that had been ridden there also got out on the track.
There was also some Vincent race machinery competing.  Julian Bishop race outfit, John Renwick Epimetheus outfit, Chris Illman Methamon outfit, Tim Kingham Comet racer, Roy Robertson Egli Vincent and probably some I've missed.
Brian Chapman had Mighty Mouse and Super Mouse on display in the paddock and fired them up so that we could hear Brian's legendary machines roar.
There were lots of Vincent people there and it was a very social event blessed with dry weather and sunshine.

I took a few snaps with my pocket camera.  You can see those below. When you have viewed these there are lots more pictures taken by Secretary Scott Roberts and photographer Steve Weston HERE

There are also ten short video clips that you can view online.  View Video Clips.

Rob Staley spent some time deciphering the considerable amount of information provided by the Shakespeare County Raceway.  Rob's comments can be read below: 

Here are the times for the day. Sorry about the delay, there was a mix up over numbers, so it has taken some while to try to ensure all info is correct. Any errors, please tell me. The SCR full results spreadsheet from which this is extracted is also quite complex, running to 71 items of information for each run. Some personal notes: My first (ever) run was alongside Roy Robertson. It was great to have a close view of his Egli in action as he thundered off into the distance. He was taking it easy as he was unfamiliar with the surface! On his last run, it is not too clear from the video, but the bike steps rather sharply sideways as a result of a misted visor.I thought my last run served as an interesting comparison of my standard engined C Rapide alongside Alan Wager's highly tuned B Rapide.  With the greater flexibility of the standard engine, I was quicker all the way to the 1/8 mile mark. After that, the greater power of the B really shows and in the second half he accelerates impressively from 75mph to 94mph whereas I only go from 71 mph to 84 mph. Our overall times only differ by 17 milliseconds. I should have got down on the tank at the half way mark!
You can see a couple more photographs and his précis of the MOTORCYCLE RESULTS HERE.

A nice line of Vincent machines in the spectator area.

Waiting in line to go to the start.

Waiting in line .....

Waiting in line .....

Tim - Waiting in line .....

The Bishop outfit.




Alex Champion manouvering Mighty Mouse.

Super Mouse.

Brian getting Supermouse ready ot fire up on the rollers.

Brian getting Supermouse ready to fire up on the rollers.

Firing Supermouse up on the rollers.

Brian warming up Mighty Mouse.

Lots more pictures taken by Scott Roberts HERE