Racing Memories

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Racing Memories

Here are few pictures that may prod the old memory cells.  From an old programme of a VOC Cadwell Park race meeting held in July 1982 the scanned pictures may not be the greatest quality but I'm sure the memories will be.  Eddy.  

O.K.  Who is the young man below on the "A" at Donington in August 1980???

Above:  Here's Doug Stafford outside the old paddock office at the V.O.C. Cadwell meeting in May 1981.  This was the good old days.  The little office behind Doug was so small but we managed to run meetings despite the fact that the bikes were warming up right outside the door.  Full marks for the person that sited the public telephone close to where the user could "benefit" from the full audio effect of a couple of dozen hairy four-strokes on open pipes.
Here is the list of competitors riding Vincent solos: Chris Hayden, Peter Biles, Peter Bell, Ian Alexander (rider extreme left in picture?), Doug Stafford, Les Irvine, Howard Worrall, Glyn Baxter, Bill Hancock, Ed Hunt, Bill Thomas, Ian Hamilton, Bernard Rowland, Dave Dock, Peter Brookes-Tee and George Rivis.  On Vincent outfits: Dave Mallows/Steven Vines, Phil Davies/ Kath Ellis and Chris Chant/Bryan Sutton.

Above:  Vintage Mallory, June 1980.  A celebrity parade with Chris Vincent on ........ a Vincent Black Lightning.

church lawford
A great period shot of Allan Nash on the left, Pat O'Keefe on his Norvin and Barry Howell on the right at Church Lawford sprint in 1962.


If  I've infringed someone's copyright I apologize and will remove the pictures.  Eddy.