Adjustable Rear Spring Compresso

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Adjustable Rear Spring Compressor.

Below are a few pictures of the "device" dismantled. I made it from bits I found lying about in the garage so it is not very sophisticated and may be a little over engineered.

The materials I had to hand and used were:

40mm x 40mm x 5mm steel angle iron. 1 off 180mm long. 1 off 150mm long.

75mm x 60mm x 5mm thick steel plate. 2 off.

10 mm screwed rod. 1 off 260mm long.

Nuts & washers to suit the screwed rod. 2 off.

The various holes you can see in the angle iron are not for use in the spring compressor and were there for a use in whatever the material was used before. I did add some holes with a view to making a slotted hole to help hold the two parts together but abandoned that idea as it was too much work without a milling machine and I found it unnecessary anyway.

The two flat plates need to be shaped a little to fit the end of the angle. Once shaped it is easier to drill the holes for the screwed rod before welding onto the angle iron. The holes should be drilled so that the the screwed rod sits quite close to the inside root of the angle iron. I actually drilled one of the holes tapping size for 10mm and put a tap through. I was then able to use a nut to lock the thread into one end. This made easier to use as it didnít ďflopĒ about so much when fitting it to the spring units. (It will work OK with just a 10mm clearance hole if you havenít got a suitable tap. Another thought is that you could fix one end of the rod by welding.)  I wrapped some duct tape or similar around the fork of the endplates to give a bit of protection to the paint on the shrouds.

I donít know what facilities the reader might have but I made mine with hand tools, hacksaw, files, etc. I used a small MIG welder to weld the plates to the angles. 


rear spring compressor